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Ma Shakti Devi (Swamini)

Ma Shakti Devi is a certified Master of Yoga with the Sarva Purnam International Yoga Society which has authorized her to train professional yoga teachers on both the South American and North American continents. She dedicates herself to conducting Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yogatherapy Tranings, Intensive Yoga Teacher Trainings, Artistic Yoga™ trainings, Corporate Yoga Teacher Trainings, and Master of Yoga trainings.

She is practiced in many methods of Yoga: Purna Yoga Integral, Artistic Yoga™, Karma Yoga, Yoga Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti and Raja Yoga. She had the opportunity to be a part of the Purna Yoga Integral tradition in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she received diksha (initiation), and the title Swamini in 2008.
She was the 2008 World Champion of Yoga Asanas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008 2nd place winner of Yoga Sport, and 2007 3rd place winner of Artistic YogaTM in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

She is anonymously responsible as a Karma Yogini for the translation into English and French of world yoga documents and archives. She served four and a half years as the USA Secretary of the International Yoga Federation, and two and a half years as the Director of the International Federation of Yoga Sports North America, both of which were opportunities for her to feel for herself, what is Karma Yoga.  She is the first yogini responsible for the Artistic Yoga™ USA movement in 2008. Since then, the programs have been successful in quietly producing a change in the surrounding Yoga culture through the transmission of Purna Yoga Integral, Namaskar Yoga, Artistic Yoga™, Yogatherapy, the singing of mantras in savasana, laterals, partial postures of the hands and face, etc. all by the graduates of Integrated School of Yoga.  

 Apart from the Integrated School of Yoga, Ma Shakti has taught Children´s Yoga. She has organized workshops to bring important people to her hometown, such as Rama Jyoti Vernon, one of America's first yoga teachers.  Ma Shakti perfects herself as a "teacher of teachers" with several different masters on the American continents at this time. She conducted the first several United States of America Yoga Championships and USA Artistic Yoga™ Championships.  She was awarded for her work in organizing these traditional events in USA, where she taught the contestants to see that it is just a game among friends, and an ancient Saiva tradition that motivates us all to become better physically, mentally, and spiritually. She sings mantras in the Mantras, Kirtans, Bhajans Community of Utah and teaches puja, kriya, and diksha to advanced students and ashramacharyas. 
Besdies Yoga, which is itself a language, she speaks fluent French and Spanish. In her personal life she practices Yoga, she loves music, dancing, going for walks, art, making poetry about her yogic life, experiments, and laughter. She is a graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelors Degree in English Literature.

La Maestra puede dictar los cursos en Espanol para los alumnos latinos interesados. 


(Karma Yogini, Ashramacharini )







Michael Tanner Wagner 




Erin Anderson "Santoshi Ma"

(Master of Yoga, Ashramacharini)

Erin has been extensively practicing yoga for over 9 years. Her personal desire for mental, spiritual and physical wellness has led her into a career of helping others attain peace and balance in an otherwise chaotic world. She combines traditional and modern techniques with many forms of meditation to help transform her students and herself on a daily basis. She is an internationally certified Master of Yoga through the Integrated School of Yoga and the Sarva Purnam International Yoga Society to teach the Purna Yoga Integral method, give Yogatherapy, and train Yoga teachers. For Erin, yoga is a way of life.  Furthermore, she loves spending time with her beautiful family, exploring tropical destinations and laughing until her cheeks are sore.  She is also the 2013 USA Artistic Yoga Women's Champion. 

at Integrated School of Yoga™ Hawaii

Nicole Carlson "Ganga Devi"


Lalita Prem Devi




 Rob Tautges "Hanuman Deva"

(Karma Yogi, Ashramacharya)





Corinne Garcia "Narayani"

(Master of Yoga, Ashramacharini)



Corinne Garcia (Narayani) first started yoga in Frieburg im Breisgau (Germany), where she was living before coming to Utah. During her 3 years in SLC, she started at ISY as a student in Artistic Yoga, before taking her ISY Yoga Teacher Training (graduating June 2011).  Discovering the effects of Yoga on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels has motivated her to go deeper in practice and share her knowledge with others as a yoga teacher, and in using yogatherapy techniques (especially Ayurvedic massages). Corinne has a Masters degree in Cheminstry from Lyon (France), a Masters in Management from Aix-en-Provence (France), a Sarva Purnam International Yoga Society Master of Yoga, and has worked in chemical and pharmaceutical research and marketing in England, France, and Germany.  She is currently working at the SCI Institute at the University of Utah.  She teaches Hatha Yoga, Maha Purna Yoga Vinyasa Kramaji (big series, 2 hours), and Integral/Yogatherapy.  She likes to teach yoga classes that release tensions built up from professional and personal lives, letting the body and mind relax, and the students free and able to enjoy and feel.   

La Ashramacharini peut traduir les cours en Francais pour les etudiants Africains, Canadiens, et Francophones.    




Melissa Andrews 

Model, Karma Yogini



Katie Olsen Hoover

(Saraswati Shakti Devi)



Katie is SPIYS 200 Registered Yoga Teacher in 7 styles of Yoga. At Integrated School of Yoga she teaches spirited Artistic Yoga™ classes and Yogatherapy on Wednesday nights. 

Hayley Haws Miller "Maya Devi"

 Music Director, Karma Yogini