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Integrated School of Yoga

Integrated School of Yoga
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Namaste Red rose

all classes are open to the public, except teacher training
815 East 2100 South
$10 drop in, one class 
$20 10 day introductory offer
$45 5 classes 
$90 10 classes 
$100 1 month unlimited (begins on the day of purchase and lasts until the same day the following month) 
$40 1 month yogatherapy pass 
cash or check 

9 AM Artistic Yoga™ Lalita Prem Devi
10 AM Integral Lalita Prem Devi

4 PM Integral Yoga: Sundari 
5 PM Integral: Isabelle 
6 PM Artistic Yoga™: Isabelle  

7-9 PM Yoga Teacher Training

9 AM Integral Static: Kenneth
10 AM Ashtanga Vinyasa Kramaji: Kenneth 

5 PM RAJA YOGA (Yoga of the Mind): Ganga Devi  
6 PM Traditional Hatha Yoga: Ganga Devi
7 PM Namaskar Yoga Integral: Nicole 

8 PM Profesorado de Yoga en Espanol : (el tercer martes del mes)

9 AM Integral Flow: Angellina
10 AM Artistic Yoga™: Angellina

5 PM Traditional Hatha Yoga: Corinne
6 PM Artistic Yoga™Rob 
7 PM Yoga therapy: Rob   

8 PM Yoga therapy Teacher Training


10 AM Alignment techniques: Isabelle  

5 PM Power Yoga: Isabelle
6 PM Integral: Sri Devi 
7 PM Yoga therapy: Sri Devi  
8 PM Hindu Meditation (Mantra Yoga) free of charge : Staff 

9 AM Kundalini (please wear red): Ma Shakti Devi
10 AM Artistic Yoga™: Ma Shakti  

5 PM Kundalini: Ma Shakti Devi (please wear red)
6 PM Integral Yoga: Ma Shakti Devi 
7 PM Yogatherapy Assisted Stretching: Hanuman Deva and Ma Shakti Devi  (students will receive assisted stretching) 

8 PM Yoga therapy Teacher Training


10 AM Yogatherapy: Hanuman Deva
11 AM Power Yoga: Hanuman Deva 
12 PM Yoga Sports: Ma Shakti   

1-3 PM Yoga Teacher Training

6-7:30 PM Ananda Shakti Kramaji (the yoga of Ma Shakti Devi) This class will be cancelled on Saturday March 14 and Saturday March 21 for the USA Artistic Yoga™ Championships)