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Integrated School of Yoga

Integrated School of Yoga
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Artistic YogaTM 
Independent since 2008



Artistic Yoga™ is a yoga method for the modern person that is a style of Integral Yoga. It has its own technique of timing, passages, links, aesthetic asana, mudra (gesture), gaze, energy control, introspection, and meditation. It has been called a poem made by the body.  It simulates a cascade of yoga poses, and is a beautiful moving meditation. It works the body like no other form of yoga. It also induces a connection to spiritual and artistic expression through the execution of the series. Artistic Yoga™ is the link between art and yoga. It is based on the notion that "Art is the purest form of spiritual expression" rather than religion. There exist Artistic Yoga™ series that can be created for all levels. 

                               Introduction to USA soil, Ma Shakti Devi

                                            Santoshi's series
                                           Yoga Devi's series